There is no escape from the underground!

    U55 – END OF THE LINE is a horror-adventure deeply rooted in H.P.Lovecrafts world-famous Cthulhu Mythology. It is told in 9 episodes of roughly 45 minutes and 3 bonus episodes and features unique gameplay elements, extraordinary sound design and strong narratives. This way U55 – END OF THE LINE is closer to a TV mini-series than a classic video game.

    The demand for horror titles is immense and in recent years the fanbase has grown to a size that makes it possible even for small- and mid-sized games to make a significant impact.

    With U55 – END OF THE LINE we bring several new elements to the table that make the game really stand out. Our intention is to create the mostintense psychological horror game on the market, and revolutionize the very concept of horror. An unspent and fresh sound design technique, unique features and an overarching story focused on character development will bring players asense of immersion that has never been experienced before.

    U55 – END OF THE LINE has been in development since May 2013. Over 120 Manmonths of production time went into the creation of the game already. We are currently on the finishing line of pre- production, delivering a working prototype every week.

    About Us

    Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

    ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

    This is why Effective Evolutions is dedicated to overcome the boundaries of traditional interactive entertainment. With state-of-the- art graphics, sounds, music and a whole new level of narrative storytelling, we give you a different perspective on characters and yourself. Everything is possible…especially with the Mythos involved!

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      Is it better to turn on the light and see what awaits you or opt for a quick and merciful death?

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      Is insanity really a curse…or a gift to mankind? You are about to receive a detailed answer soon enough.

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      Who or what is standing between you and the truth? And do you really want to find out?

    • What Erich Zann knew

      Have you ever heard cosmic forces whispering? No? Probably because you never listened properly.